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May 18, 2022 - Developer Blog #1

I'm glad to be able to bring you the first developer blog of our new upcoming game Warped Times - and since it's the first part of the developer blog and so far we've only published some previews and teasers of development on our sites, we'll take it from the beginning :) (read more)
May 14, 2022
This week we reach a very important design milestone - I was playing with the very basic gameplay element of the Warped Times - traveling across the dimensions.

I tried many ways to do some cool effect like creating some terrain outlines or experimenting with the camera effects, but in the end, I tried to use just sprite shaders with the right timing. I had to rework some scripts for dimension changing, but I think the result was worth it. It's still not final yet (and especially the level graphics is still mostly placeholders, which should be replaced before Game Access in 2 weeks), but it's a good start for playing with single level designs :)
May 7, 2022
Today was interesting in terms of Warped Times development - I wanted to implement some nice 2D water so I searched the asset store, but after some attempts, the water didn't fit to the game.

So I decided to try make some simple water myself and I tried to experiment with rendering to the texture from the extra camera (I already did this for rendering the game board from 3x64 into mobile UI) and the result looks nice in the end, except the render texture I'm working only with simple deformation shader and sprite animation for the water surface 🙂 Now It's time to make some underwater breathing and of course many particles 😎
May 5, 2022
Small demonstration of connecting two parts of the magic stone, which is the basic essence of the game. The particles are not final yet (as well as level graphics), but I really love playing with such effects, particles were one of the most enjoyable parts of 3x64 development and in Warped Times there will be even more of them 😎
March 30, 2022 - Teaser
Today I plan to try to create the first two sketched levels for Warped Times, and during the week we finally finished design of the game logo (it was quite a challenge to pick the right font, which is similar to the original game but more modern :trojuhelnik2:). So with the logo, I took bits of old and new graphics and created the first little teaser 😇
Feb 19, 2022 - Game announcement
Hi! We are still at the beginning of development, but I think it will be great to share the whole amazing path of developing a new game, so I would like to reveal you Warped Times!

It will be a modern remake of our old game universe (which includes 4 released games). The original games serve as inspiration for us, but the game will be completely new. However you can definitely look forward to features like multidimensional travelling, logic minigames (probably not 3x64 😃) and an interesting story with little opportunity to influence it.

I will look forward to sharing all news and screenshots from development here, on our Discord and our Twitter, so I hope you can see more of the game soon.

For now I have just video with a brief history of previous Warped Times games and one short demonstration of our first test scene with the first character design 😎
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